Awards and Honors

Botanic Gardens Conservation International Garden Rankings

bgci.jpgThe Garden ranks among the top ten botanic gardens worldwide in both the magnolia and maple surveys of Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI). BGCI has collected data from over 200 gardens worldwide, ranking each of their collections by diversity, rarity, and quantity. Among the gardens surveyed were Kew, Edinburgh, Missouri, Arnold, and many other major international institutions.  As number 9 on the survey of magnolia collections, the Garden is also recognized as one of the two most important collections in this country, and as number 3 in the survey of ex situ maple collections, the garden is surpassed in the world only by Arnold Arboretum at Harvard, and the University of British Columbia.

The North American Plant Conservation Consortium

The Garden is a participating site in the NAPCC Multisite Magnolia Collection. The North American Plant Conservation Consortium, or NAPCC, is a network of botanical gardens and arboreta working to coordinate a continent-wide approach to plant conservation. They tackle that huge task one genus at a time, assessing collections according to their holdings of endangered plants within that genus. The process of identifying, auditing, and finally inviting a garden to participate is a long and thorough one, and the Garden is recognized as one of only a handful of participating sites in the NAPCC Multisite Magnolia Collection.

In its site evaluation report, the NAPCC auditor remarked that the Garden has the “most unique species with an IUCN status,” referring to the International Union for Conservation of Nature which identifies and protects endangered species around the globe; that “the standards of [the Garden] accessions are phenomenal” and further that the “existing collection and staff expertise on the genus are superlative”.

Rose Garden Hall of Fame

great_rosarians.jpgThe Garden was inducted in 2011 into the Rose Garden Hall of Fame by Great Rosarians of the World in recognition of the garden's outstanding dedication to the preservation of Asian species roses and cultivars. 

American Conifer Society

ACS_logo.jpgThe Garden became the first ACS Reference Garden in California in 2013.