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Photo of new Sonoma Botanical Garden signsWe are thrilled to announce that on March 17th a new name was unveiled for our beloved botanical garden - along with a refined mission. Quarryhill Botanical Garden is now officially Sonoma Botanical Garden, and that we will be championing the plants of both Asia and California going forward.

The relaunched 67-acre institution aims to inspire an appreciation and understanding of the beauty and value of Asian and California native plants, and to promote their conservation in natural habitats and gardens.

As both the Garden’s visiting public and conservation science has evolved, so has the Garden itself. With the opportunity for introspection that 2020 afforded everyone, we have focused on caring for the existing living collections and the role they play in plant-conservation awareness. The Garden’s deep commitment to the existing Asian woodland is unwavering and we will continue to celebrate the rich flora of Asia that inspired our founder, Jane Davenport Jansen. Complementing a continuing primary focus on Asian plants, the Garden’s mission has been broadened to embrace the stewardship of another imperiled biodiversity hotspot -- California.

Added to the Garden in 1998, the Three Springs Ranch property vastly increased our potential for environmental education, yet thus far this 22-acre parcel of oak savannah and chaparral has been hidden from public view. In this property we see an opportunity to celebrate and conserve both plant and animal species found closer to home, and to bring our horticultural skills to the cultivation of California native plants as well as Asian species. On top of a multitude of unique species, California is home to some of the same genera that are quintessential to East Asia (maples, roses, rhododendrons, oaks, and more). This complimentary direction is one that will vastly enhance the Garden’s relevance in our own community.

There is so much more our small team must do to transition to both the new name and the refined mission, and we look forward to keeping you apprised in the coming months. We look forward to having you join us on this exciting new journey.


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