Tribute and Memorial Gifts




The beauty and serenity of the Garden offer a unique opportunity to pay tribute to a lost loved one, commemorate a life milestone, or honor a friend. Various tribute opportunities exist.

Dedicating a bench at the Garden is a singular opportunity to honor a loved one. They offer contemplative resting places to reflect and remember.

To learn about dedicating one of a very limited number of benches, call (707) 996-3166 or email smedbury@sonomabg.org.

You can pay tribute with a unique and special tree. A very limited number of signature trees in the Garden are also available for a major tribute dedication.

If you would like to host a Tribute or Memorial Reception at the Garden, please contact smedbury@sonomabg.org at (707) 996-3166.

Dedications in the Chinese Heritage Rose Garden

Thousands of visitors every year wander the paths of the Chinese Heritage Rose Garden, looking up and out at roses, and down at the names on the engraved bricks set there. This garden creates a perfect setting in which to memorialize a loved one, honor a friend, or mark a special occasion. The person to whom you pay tribute will be permanently commemorated by an engraved paver or brick set in the garden's pathways, or on the garden's honor plaque.

For those who choose to memorialize a life or occasion this way, every visit to the serene landscape of the Garden is also a meaningful remembrance. By paying tribute with a brick, you also support an institution that enriches life, conserves and protects endangered species and inspires students of all ages.

Contact 707-996-3166 or email info@sonomabg.org to inquire about making a Tribute Gift in the Heritage Rose Garden.


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