Database of Asian Plants in Cultivation (DAPC)

The Database of Asian Plants in Cultivation is a searchable database containing Asian plant information from many botanical gardens and arboreta around the world. This database contains all of the Garden's scientifically documented, wild-collected plant accessions. It is used by plant researchers and scientists at institutions globally to find, and then request plant material from the Garden for research such as DNA analysis, molecular studies, phylogenic and distribution studies.

Click on the link below to search the DAPC. (Be sure to check periodically as additional institutions contribute their Asian plant listings to the DAPC.)

Database of Asian Plants in Cultivation

One or more search values will match corresponding records of each institution's living accessions, listed by institution, such as in the example below.



Each record shows the basic field notes for the collection and the institution at which it occurs. The field notes for the collection plus the number of living plants found at each institution.

Our thanks is extended to Stan Blum and Jon Fong at the California Academy of Sciences for developing and hosting the DAPC search engine and website.